Chinese History: Fall of the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms Period

How did the military and political strategies of its rulers lead to sweeping changes in the governance of China? Come explore the China of 1,800 years ago during the fall of the Eastern Han Dynasty and the emergence of the Three Kingdoms period.

Locations: San Mateo, In-Home

Cost: $120/hr

Recommended hours: 6


  • Explore fundamental concepts of ancient Chinese government
  • Develop familiarity with the main historical figures and key events of the period
  • Consider the causal forces for historical outcomes and how they fit into broader historical and personal patterns

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Course Description:

The Three Kingdoms period is an excellent case study in comparing virtue against vice, benevolence against brutality, mercy against cruelty, intelligence against stupidity, and wisdom against foolishness. Students taking this course will explore the importance of personality in politics and governance — and therefore in history. We will study the key individuals and events of the time, allowing students to practice the critical thinking skills and examination of cause and effect and other connections as required in their history courses. In addition, students will conclude the course with an essay to compile and analyze the information they have learned.

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