History of the Bay Area

Do you want to know about the city you live in? Come explore the rich heritage of the California Bay Area from its earliest inhabitants, to its Spanish/Mexican settlers, to the present-day cosmopolitan community! We will explore the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and the surrounding areas to understand how this community impacted the broader history of California.

Locations: Los Altos, Mountain View, In Home

Cost: $120/hr

Recommended hours: 8-12


  • Analyze, evaluate, and interpret primary and secondary sources
  • Analyze and apply historical patterns and current events to students’ own lives and experiences
  • Analyze how power operates in society, through the categories of race, class, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality.
  • Write a 5-7 page historical analysis essay on a topic of the student’s choice relating to local history

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Course Description:

The History of the Samurai is a wonderful option for students interested in the history of Japan and looking to improve their writing skills! Together, we will explore the origins of the warrior class and how it came to dominate the political landscape of Japan until World War II and beyond. Students will read primary sources on samurai from the 600s, the 1200s, the 1500s, and the 1800s, in addition to secondary sources from the 1900s and 2000s. We will dispel myths constructed about the samurai and analyze the accuracy of samurai in modern media.

At the end, we will compile everything we have learned into a well-crafted analysis essay. By the end of the class, students will be able to analyze primary and secondary sources, support arguments with historical evidence, and make larger connections to the present day.

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