History of European Witchcraft

Curious about why European society became obsessed with witchcraft for over a century? Come explore the history of witchcraft in Europe!

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Cost: $100/hr – $120/hr

Recommended hours: 7.5


  • Learn how and why many Europeans became obsessed with witchcraft for over a century
  • Become more familiar with different periods in the history of Europe
  • Learn to interact with primary sources and apply that knowledge to future exams
  • Learn how historians interpret the past and how to construct historical arguments

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Course Description:

This course covers the history of witchcraft in Europe, beginning in Ancient Rome, through the medieval period, and focusing on the early modern period (roughly 1500-1750) and the height of the witch trials. We will discuss causes of the trials and why different areas treated accused “witches” differently in both theory and practice. We will examine how the political, social, religious, and environmental events of the time shaped the witch trials and led to chaos.

Along the way, we will focus on primary sources to build skills in reading and analyzing primary sources and in using them as evidence for essays. We will conclude by learning how to construct historical arguments. These skills will help prepare students for AP history classes, including AP European history.

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