What’s Your Personality Type? Choosing a Major and Career Path

“What do you want to study?” If you’ve been getting this question a lot, but are not sure how you feel about the answer, this course is for you!

Whether you’re just starting to think about college or are already taking off this fall, discovering your personality type will help you build a future that fits you perfectly.

Locations: Los Gatos

Cost: $120/hr.

Recommended hours: 3


  • Determine student’s Myers-Briggs personality type
  • Learn the various ways type plays a role in your day-to-day life
  • Discuss career fields and areas of study as they relate to student’s type

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Course Description:

Prior to the course, the student will complete a short online personality questionnaire. The first session will consist of verifying the student’s Myers-Briggs personality type and exploring what the different dimensions of personality mean. For example, what does it mean that I’m an Extraverted Thinking type? How does that compare to my friend who’s an Introverted Feeling Type? The goal here is to give the student a fluency in the “language” of personality, which has great value in understanding oneself and one’s relationship to others.

The second session will focus on applying this newfound understanding to the question of career and what to study in college. We will explore the intersection of the student’s personality type, personal interests, and the types of careers projected to be in demand in the future. While we of course won’t be able to explore every possibility in an hour and a half, the goal for the student to learn how to conduct this research further on his or her own. We will also come up with at least a few possible paths for the student to explore further.

There is a wealth of resources available on this topic, so the ultimate goal is for this course to be a springboard to the student’s own process of self discovery!

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