Set Theory & Formal Logic

Do you struggle sometimes to make sense of math equations? This course gives meaning to those complicated equations!

Locations: Online, Los Gatos

Cost: $110/hr

Recommended hours: 10


  • Understand what mathematicians do
  • Familiarize yourself with propositional and first order logic
  • Learn how to read new math from almost any textbook

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Course Description:

Math is a language, and logic is the underpinning of the entirety of mathematics. This course covers reasoning and argumentation as used in mathematics. We will work from Aristotle’s view of language, explore ideas from Boole and Frege, and touch on modern developments in logic. Students will learn propositional logic, first-order logic, ideas in computability theory, programming languages, and basic mathematical modeling. Formally, we will introduce the concept of sets, logic, and relations in order to recognize and understand how everything in math develops from these basic ideas.

This course provides students with the background and critical thinking and reasoning skills to successfully explore topics in higher mathematics.

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