The War to End All Wars: How the First World War Defined the 20th Century

It has been said that war itself never changes, but it is undeniable that war changes a great many things. War has drastically shaped the world in which we live, and the war that most defined the 20th century and by extension, the 21st – is the First World War.

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  • Understand the historical context of World War I and its impact on history
  • Develop skills required to read and analyze primary source documents
  • Expand upon the writing skills essential for success in history classes

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Course Description:

When the world marched off to war in 1914, many believed it would be a short and simple conflict. Many even believed the war would end by Christmas. But when the war ended in 1918, the world that began the war was gone, and a new one was born from the ashes. Wars have always brought dramatic change, but few conflicts in history are as foundational as that of the First World War–the war that shaped the 20th century. Vast empires collapsed, technology evolved, idealism was shattered, decades of violence were set in motion, and much more. This course will explore this legacy–the legacy of the Great War–and why the war matters to us.

This course will also provide students with a chance to read primary source documents and hone the analytical writing skills required for success in their history classes. At the end of the class, students will demonstrate their knowledge and skills by composing a full essay.

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